By Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction (other events)

19 Dates Through Nov 01, 2014

Arx Mortis is the LARGEST and MOST INTENSE haunted attraction in North Alabama!  
Join us for ARX MORTIS: The Rise of Graystone... Open select nights in September and October .....AND this year, Flashlight night will be on November 1st!


Welcome to Arx Mortis, a Haunted Experience....

We like to think of  Arx Mortis as more of a haunted experience than just an attraction. We have been hard at work creating new and twisted places for you to enjoy. And as always, we have made every effort to bring you the best haunted entertainment possible, incorporating professional animatronics, actors, make-up and sets.



(11/1) from 7-10pm, all of the lights inside the attraction WILL BE OFF! Each group is assigned a small, weak, and unreliable flashlight to guide them through the twists and turns of ARX MORTIS! Good luck...


We know your time is precious and we strive to move the crowds quickly into and through the haunt, but long waits are an inevitability with this type of entertainment. What we will not do is sacrifice the show just to squeeze a few more people through! That being said, we have made every effort to make your wait as pleasurable as possible. Arx Mortis uses a “group” system to get you into the haunt, instead of making you wait in one huge line (that you can’t leave for fear of losing your spot!). After purchasing your ticket, the group system leaves you free to roam about and enjoy our expanded waiting area, concessions, and gift shop until your group has been called up to the queue line. We have a warning signal that can be heard throughout our facility, alerting our guests that we are about to call up the next group - so just enjoy yourself and relax while you wait.


The Arx Mortis gift shop, Keeper's Korner, is located in the front of the building, and will be selling Arx Mortis themed items, T-shirts, and a variety of other horror paraphernalia.



Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat from the concession stand.  Pizza, drinks, coffee, and hot chocolate will be served nightly from open ‘til close.


Online purchasers must bring printed E-ticket for admission. Arx Mortis is rated PG 13 due to INTENSITY, REALISM, and GORE - enter at your own risk. No refunds.

VIP UPGRADES: Optional upgrade that must be purchased in conjunction with the General Admission ticket for VIP access.

The Box Office opens at 7pm each night Arx Mortis is open.

Fridays, Saturdays, and Halloween are the busiest nights, so you should expect longer lines on those days.

Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction

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4051 Highway 72 Killen, AL 35645